Ep #25: Giving and Receiving Healthy and Constructive Criticism

Knowing the difference between criticism and feedback, as well as knowing how to interpret the intentions of a patient’s feedback, will drastically change how you internalize the information and put it to good use.

Criticism tends to come in the form of blame and shame directed at a person. Feedback is more often directed at actions, and is made up of constructive comments that are meant to aid progress and improvement in future actions taken. One small step that will take you really far is to always ask yourself, “Is this criticism or feedback, and what is this person’s intention in telling me this?”

Feedback can become a huge source of dread, stress, guilt, and even anger. When emotions are not kept in check, they can cause stressful situations like dealing with feedback to trigger comfort eating and other unhealthy habits. Knowing how to look for the intentions and useful information behind the feedback will change how you understand your patient surveys, as well as alter how you deliver feedback to those around you.

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In Today’s Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • The significant difference between criticism and feedback.
  • How emotions and primal instincts can alter our ability to cope positively with feedback.
  • How and why to not see feedback as a personal attack but as a way to improve.
  • Knowing how to read feedback in a way that benefits you and your practice.
  • Sharing your feedback with others can help you gain more insight and information.
  • How to be more effective in the way you give feedback by knowing your own intentions.

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  • Dimitrula Arabadzisz

    Dear Katrina, thank you for this great episode! I love your distinguition between feed-back and critisism. I find it very useful for everybody, not just MDs ?. This week I will try your method at least once a day. Thanks! I hope your trip to Peru is (was) wonderful! Greetings from Hungary. Dimitrula

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