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I’m Katrina Ubell, MD. I’m a pediatrician and up until recently, I was in the exact same place as you are now! I’d gained and lost the same 40 lbs at least 10 times since puberty…


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I can help you! My program is the perfect solution for the busy doctor who wants to feel good again, mentally and physically. Together, we’ll blast through the excuses and find out …


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Do you work in healthcare but not in the role of a doctor? Does my work resonate with you, but you’re not a doctor or in healthcare at all.
No worries! I can still help you…


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  • Working with Katrina over the course of months was helpful because we were able to find the patterns in my thoughts and determine those that worked for me and those that severely limited my potential. Once I figured that out, we could easily talk through the choices I’m making to get there and which priorities I may want to shift in order to see those goals materialize. I have to admit I was a little skeptical of the idea of ‘coaching’ at first, but now I’m a believer – I think everyone could benefit from this!

    Meagan S.
  • “Through Katrina's skilled conversational style, your sessions with her will leave you with a clarity you didn't know you had. Her humor, warmth, and compassion are powerful tools throughout the coaching process, and a true benefit to her clients.

    Sarah G.
  • "Weight coaching with Katrina Ubell has been a truly unique experience. I felt guided by her but also empowered. Katrina’s kindness, friendliness, and warmth really helped me to feel comfortable talking about very personal experiences related to body image and personal thoughts."

    Meghann G.
  • "I owe Katrina many thanks. I've applied what I learned from her to just about every aspect of my life. Coaching with Katrina is a great way to re-ground your thinking in a very constructive way."

    Sarah K.
  • "In medicine, needing to see a counselor can be viewed as being weak or being unfit for medical practice. This can create a really unhealthy situation for physicians. Every doctor could benefit from working with Katrina. Because of her, my life is better than it’s been in years."

    Jamie S.

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