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The Busy Doctor’s Quick-Start Guide to Effective Weight Loss

I get it. You’re so overwhelmed with all the weight loss options out there. Everyone claims they have the solution. Where should you start? Right here.

EBook: How to Lose Weight Permanently

Why is permanent weight loss so elusive? In this short mini book, I explain why you’ve struggled so much with your weight and what to do to lose it once and for all. You’re welcome.

Live Online Training Calls – January 7-10 , 2019

There’s not much I love more than connecting with you live. Join me on one or all of the calls listed below:
1. How to Lose 100+ Pounds (Jan 7)
2. Why You Should Lose the Last 5-10 Pounds (Jan 8)
3. How to Drink Less (Jan 9)
4. How to Stop Stress Eating (Jan 10)

Can’t make the training live? All who register will get a copy of the replay!

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