Ep #28: Identifying & Cultivating Your Strengths with Jennifer Thornton

Do you know what your strengths are? And do you know how to take advantage of this information? My guest today, Jennifer Thornton, is a Gallup-certified strengths coach and teaches people how to be honest with themselves and double down on their strengths.

Strengths-based assessments liberate you to focus on what you’re best at and take advantage of your gifts. Over these fifty minutes, Jennifer outlines the ways that knowing your strengths can impact your professional and personal life.

You’ll find more effective ways to work out. You’ll engage in your work in a way that excites you. You’ll strengthen relationships and build the right social network. It will change your life, so go find out your strengths!

Listen To The Episode Here:

In Today’s Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Where you can utilize your strengths.
  • Why maximizing strengths is better than fixing weaknesses.
  • That crafting your day around strengths can improve your energy and leave you feeling fulfilled.
  • How being competitive translates into daily life and personal health.
  • Who benefits the most from knowing their strengths.
  • That everyone’s strengths are incredibly unique.

Featured In This Episode:

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Showing 3 comments
  • Megan

    I just struggled through a Strength test and realized that I either have different strengths or just apply different strengths in my work & health lives.

    At work, I think rationally & creatively to solve challenges. Yet I can’t come up with new ideas that would help me exercise. At work, I have persevered through years of a nay-saying boss, despite hard to obtain funding, etc. Nothing will stop me from committing to and obtaining a goal at work. But I can’t commit to eating a healthy diet.

    I think I might take the quiz twice – once for work & once for the rest of me.

    Better yet, how do I focus my strengths at work to the rest of me?

  • Tricia

    I loved this episode, and immediately bought the book and took the test. Unfortunately, it only gave the top 5 strengths. What I was really looking for, which I found so compelling on this podcast were my weaknesses, and those were not given. In the podcast you got a full list, which was a more complete picture, and led to more complete analysis. How can I get the rest of the list?

    • Katrina

      Hi Tricia – you can go to strengthsfinder.com, log in and pay an additional fee to see the order of all 34 of the strengths for you. You won’t need to take the test again.

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