Ep #34: Living In Your Business

Somewhere between our desire for control and our need to be connected to others, we find ourselves feeling out of control and practically living outside of ourselves. Today I want to bring us back to a place where we have the ability to disconnect from things we cannot control and live a happier, more effective life. As physicians, this can be an especially tricky trap to fall into when we rely too heavily on the outcome of our treatments or suggestions.

In her book Loving What Is, Byron Katie discusses this issue beautifully. Katie states that if you are mentally in someone else’s business or God’s business, the result is separation from yourself. When you mentally allow yourself to worry about, stress over, or get angry with things that are in someone else’s realm, you are neglecting yourself. The things you do have control over – the things you can help with – fall away when you are preoccupied elsewhere.

In this episode I share how this can be poisonous in our relationships, our work, and even our own minds. I also give some tips on how to pull yourself out of this way of thinking and catch yourself more quickly when you do it again. Breaking out of this trap will not only help relieve stress and anxiety, it will help you help others so much more.

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In Today’s Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How to notice if you are living in your own business or the business of others.
  • Why we tend to fall into the trap of entangling our happiness with things out of our control.
  • Why living in your own business allows you to more effectively help others and yourself.
  • How to prepare yourself for moments when you know you tend to go into other people’s business and snap yourself out of it quicker.
  • Why this issue directly effects physicians and how we can fight to stay in our business while doing the absolute best for our patients.

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