Ep #4: Rethinking the Scarcity Mentality

This week on Weight Loss for Busy Physicians, we’ll stroll down memory lane to examine a regular occurrence we all know and love – ordering Girl Scout cookies. Yes, those little treats are tasty. Many of us remember our time in the Girls Scouts and Brownies favorably and want to help support the little ladies in our lives as well. However, something about having access to these cookies once a year promotes an overindulgence in self-destructive eating patterns.

Whether we’ve convinced ourselves that we can miss out or we’re operating based on childhood programming, the scarcity mentality can wreak havoc on weight loss goals. We live in a time where access to food is plentiful and more available than ever. Our beliefs about food may need to be reprogrammed.

This week, we’ll look at common examples where a food-related scarcity mentality works against your weight loss progress. It’s important to recognize that your beliefs are optional. If you’re creating drama around food by acting up an unhealthy sense of scarcity,  I’ll show you how to reprogram your thoughts and thrive.

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In Today’s Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How the Girl Scouts intentionally create a scarcity mentality that can ruin your New Year’s Resolution diet.
  • How childhood lessons about food impact your food-related mentality.
  • Examples of beliefs in the scarcity mentality that impact overeating.
  • How to separate the facts from food drama and reprogram your thoughts.
  • How to determine if your food beliefs have no upside and how you can change that.

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Showing 3 comments
  • Jen Bengston

    Hi! Sooo. I’m WAY WAY WAY behind in listening to your podcasts. Oh my. But today is the day I catch up on everything! I am caught up on hospital records, emptying out my inbox in clinic, and am resolved to get stuff done!
    Anyway I wanted to tell you that the “food scarcity” comments really resonated with me. Up to now I’ve been of the mindset to “take advantage” of every opportunity (to eat)-while on vacation, when the local restaraunt has their weekend special, when special food is around. But guess what-one of those things or another is happening ALL THE TIME.
    Time to change my mindset. Thanks!!

    • Katrina

      So good Jen! Keep it up!

  • Ida Garcia

    Hello, this scarcity mentality topic resonated more to me on the topic of clutter. My husband’s family raised him in a Great Depression type of mentality – get more than one pair of those shoes you love ‘in case THEY STOP MAKING THEM’, and so it goes. It drives me nuts. He’s gotten better though, I must admit after marriage, he still thinks that way but does not act on the feeling as much. I get where he is coming from, he is a tall man with difficulty finding proper fitting shoes, pants, long sleeved shirts. Anyway, thank you for these. Just learned about your site and in 2 days I’m already feeling more positive.

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