Ep #15: Goal Setting and Commitment to Weight Loss

Do you know exactly how much weight you are trying to lose? Do you want to lose weight, or are you committed to losing weight? I know that you have the ability to commit if you made it through medical school. Today’s episode is all about committing to a goal weight and following through.

Setting a goal and “committing” to it feels great, until we hit a bump in the road. Once you’ve set the right goal weight, you need to build a plan that will support that goal and be resilient when you inevitably face adversity. Don’t allow your plan to fall apart the first time you get called back to the ER, or someone swipes your food from the refrigerator.

If you can adjust your beliefs about what your weight should be, that’s the first step to changing your weight. You can create whatever body you want; you just need to aim for heights beyond your negative self-talk.

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In Today’s Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • The difference between wanting a result and committing to a goal.
  • How to be aware of the stories you tell yourself.
  • The importance of developing food protocols with contingency plans.
  • Where to set an appropriate goal weight.
  • Framing today’s challenges from a future perspective.
  • Why setting big goals works.

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Showing 6 comments
  • Kate

    Katrina – you have found your calling. Over the past month, since I started listening to your podcast and following your recommendations (hunger scale, food journaling, not snacking, more fat, less processed foods, read The Obesity Code, etc) I’ve lost 4 pounds. Prior to that I’d been stuck in place (not counting pregnancies) for 8 years. Little did I realize that I’d been overfeeding my body. Now I do not feel deprived, and the “mental chatter” has calmed. I even lost weight while on vacation, as you said was possible. I cannot wait to see where this journey will lead me, to see what I can create in the world when I have less emotional energy tied up in the body struggle. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    • Katrina

      My heart is singing for you Kate!! I’m so proud of you!!! <3

  • jennie tam

    Each of your blogs are getting better and better!! I am now keeping a food journal and instituting some of your other recommendations! Thank you and I am so excited to listen to the next one!

  • Jen

    This isn’t related exactly to this podcast but I need advice. I’m so discouraged. I’ve been food journaling, using the hunger scale, I’ve gone basically no added sugar and no flour and I’m having no snacks, and in one month I lost one pound. Then yesterday I treated myself and had three pieces of pizza and one margarita when I went to a party with my husband and today…up 2 pounds. So now I’m up a pound after all my efforts. What am I doing wrong? im so frustrated and feel hopeless.

    • Katrina

      Hi Jen, I’m sure some of that gain is salt from the pizza but there’s also tons of sugar in margaritas. You have to really ask yourself, was eating 3 pieces of pizza and a margarita really a treat? The end result is weight gain and you feeling frustrated and hopeless. Without looking at your food journal and eating plan, it’s hard for me to give you concrete feedback, but it’s possible that you’re really insulin resistant if you aren’t losing weight faster than a pound every 4 weeks. Narrowing your eating window down could help with that. If you’re a practicing physician and want to work with me in depth on getting this all figured out, then be sure to sign up for the interest list for my next doctors-only coaching group that will start in September. You can do that by going to katrinaubellmd.com/group. Then be sure to check your email and confirm that you want to opt-in. Good luck!

  • Julie S

    Hi Katrina, I just wanted to say that this podcast touched some part of me that I haven’t been able to access in a long time, and for the first time in years I feel a little twinge of inspiration! I’ve been so jaded about weight loss for so long…I even recently noticed that shame about my own personal lack of success is preventing me from pursuing a specialty track in lifestyle/nutrition during my residency. The way you presented this topic really resonated with me and I wanted to thank you, I don’t know how you did it. I look forward to listening to the other podcasts.

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