Last week, we talked about my 3-meal a day recommendation. This might seem like an extreme way to approach weight loss, but eliminating snacks in between meals is crucial. In this episode, we'll talk about how snacking is a relatively new construct created by food manufacturers and advertisers.

You might be snacking in ways that haven't even consciously registered, all while the extra sugar and simple carbs are adding to problems with weight gain.

If you have been overweight for any length of time, you are likely insulin resistant and experience only temporary success with any diet or weight loss program. I'll break down why your diets have been only moderately successful, and what food combinations and meal-time habits can help reverse these trends.

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In Today's Episode, You'll Learn:

  • A history of the snacking concept and why this is detrimental to your weight loss efforts.
  • How the weight set-point that exists in our brains works to maintain our current weight.
  • Actions you can take to control insulin levels and reduce your weight set-point.
  • Food combinations that will help you stay satiated and thus see results faster.
  • How long you can expect to wait before seeing results, and what you can eat to ease negative effects during the transition away from eating sugar and simple carbs.

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