Ep #24: Getting Through Your Midlife Funk with Suzy Rosenstein

It doesn’t feel like anything prepares you for the middle of your life. After you’ve checked off all the major milestones (marriage, kids, career achievement), it is common to feel stuck or bored. What’s next? Suzy Rosenstein is here to help!

After getting let go from her job and allowing her weight to balloon, she turned her life around by breaking through limiting beliefs. She worked to set new goals and took on a completely different career. As a life coach, she transforms lives and has been a great example for her clients.

Too often, we get stuck in a chaotic blur of grinding through a slog. If you haven’t set tangible goals or put yourself first in a long time, you are at serious risk of sinking into malaise. The time to start making a change is now.

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In Today’s Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • That you’re not alone going through midlife doldrums.
  • How to find opportunity in your darker moments.
  • Keeping things fresh with goal-setting and taking on new responsibilities.
  • Why a lack of vision will eventually leave you lost and confused.
  • What envy can teach us and why it’s such a common feeling.

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Showing 3 comments
  • Jennifer Dunham

    Thank you for sharing this! It is so important to remember that we all have our ups and downs in midlife and sometimes we just need a small change to keep moving!

  • Norah

    Just listened to this and I loved it! Completely voices a lot of the feelings I have had for several years. I’m excited to try the tips that both of you gave during the podcast 🙂 Keep up all of your great work!

  • Mary Tyson

    so I am so excited to have found these podcasts. It’s like you live in my brain. I do everything you talk about (the bad stuff) so funny because for every new podcast I go Yep I do that. I love the recommendations and different ways to approach my hurdles. Since I am just beginning to listen (in order) to these podcasts not sure you may have already addressed this issue in a future podcast but if you have not, i think I have always had a weight issue because that was what I was supposed to do in my family. I was the smart overweight kid. My sister was the thin kid smart but not as smart as me and as an adult I sometimes wonder if I sabotage myself to not get out of my place.? Isn’t that odd. Anyway I feel a connection as a fellow pediatrician and am going to discuss putting the two podcasts about getting kids to eat healthy on our website. thanks for all you do. PS found you from the Facebook PMG group. so Facebook did something right. Also listened to the movie The Sugar Film . omg……….Maybe all this anxiety we are seeing in young children is related to their sugar intake??

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