Raising humans is not an easy endeavor, especially paired with our busy lives and careers! For this episode, I’m excited to have life coach Molly Claire here to talk about motherhood and the subtleties of supporting healthy brain development. While nothing really prepares you for being a parent, studying and learning will help make things more effective.

Molly helps women change their neural pathways to experience a better life and deal with the difficult work of being a mother. In this episode, we discuss the keys to finding happiness and the thought patterns that can stand in our way.

Being tired and stressed out is a result of believing that we have to have a solution to every problem. Molly helps clients learn to react in a more measured way to problems and teach their children to develop valuable critical thinking skills along the way.

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In Today's Episode, You'll Learn:

  • Why many women struggle to figure out motherhood
  • How “mom autopilot” gets switched on
  • Ways to more effectively deal with problems that your children bring to you
  • Why your children have to learn how to create their own happiness
  • That personal grounding and balance will enable you to parent more effectively
  • How to deal with a moody child

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