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Now on to today’s blog:

Whether you have 5 lbs or 50 lbs to lose, the concept of “massive action” will need to come into play.

Massive action means that you persevere through all the stumbling blocks until you reach your desired outcome.

It means never giving up, deciding it’s too hard, or it’s not worth the effort.

Even maintaining at your ideal weight requires massive action.

So how do we develop the skill of massive action?

Well, I first want to point out that you already have the skill. It might be lying dormant, but if you rediscover it and brush the dust off, you’ll find that it’s still alive and well.

How do I know that you already know how to use massive action?

Because you used it all throughout your medical training.

How often did you have a terrible call night and the easiest thing to do would have been to just quit?

Or you had a month on service with an attending who thought everything you did was wrong. Also, easiest thing to do is quit.

Or maybe you didn’t do as well as you wanted to on a test. You could have made that mean that you were doing the wrong thing and that you should just drop out.

But you didn’t do any of these things……because of the massive action you took to get the training and certification that you needed to get the job you had committed to.

It’s possible that you haven’t used massive action since that time and you’ve sort of forgotten what all is involved in using it.

It’s simple: When you commit to a result, you keep taking action until you get the result.

This does not mean that the process is a linear path.

This does not mean that the process is easy.

This does not mean that the results are predictable.

What it means is that you decide to do something and then you keep doing it until it no longer is working. Even when it’s uncomfortable.

Once that happens, you decide to do something else that directs you toward your goal.

And when that stops happening, you decide to do another something different. And keep repeating.

It’s so fascinating for me to see my clients wanting to give up after they’ve barely begun.

For some reason, so many of us have a belief that we should be able to keep overeating and still lose weight.

We want to still use food to buffer our negative emotions.

That’s like trying to put out a campfire while still pouring kerosene on it. Or trying to cure cancer without removing the primary tumor first.

If you don’t think you are proficient at massive action yet, guess how you develop that proficiency?

That’s right, you practice.

And the way you practice is by getting started. And then doing it again and again.

So stop pondering and contemplating and strategizing.

Just start. And then keep going.

Before you know it, those results are yours. And the personal growth that was necessary to get there has made you a better person!


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