Ep #1: Welcome to Weight Loss for Busy Physicians!

Hello everyone, and welcome to the first episode of my podcast Weight Loss for Busy Physicians! In the weeks ahead, I’ll be talking about how to bridge the gap between your mind and permanent weight loss.

I’m incredibly excited to share my coaching with you in this new format – I think the medium is especially suited for cheering you on throughout the highs and lows of your journey.

In this first episode, I give you a little background about me, my work as a physician, and how I got into coaching. I’ll also start with my very first topic — why you may not be getting the results you want, with your weight loss or life in general.

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In Today’s Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How long I’ve been a practicing physician.
  • Why I decided to become a weight loss coach.
  • What compelled me to start a podcast specifically geared toward busy healthcare professionals who might need a little extra help meeting their weight loss goals.
  • How I’ve learned to manage my mind to get the results I want – and how you will, too!
  • The role your emotions play in helping or hindering your weight loss.
  • The very first steps you can take today to start shifting your mindset.
  • The Thought Model:
    can trigger
    which cause
    which cause
    which cause
    The result is always proof or evidence of the original thought.

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Showing 7 comments
  • Karen

    I am interested in working with you. Are you booked all the way through next May (2018)? Is there a wait list?

    • Katrina

      Hi Karen! Thanks so much for your interest! I’m currently booked through the summer for free mini session calls. If you’re a physician, definitely head to katrinaubellmd.com/group to get on the waitlist for the next time I open up a doctors-only coaching group!

  • Karen Meyer

    Hi Katrina! Just learned of your podcast from an online physician’s mom’s group, i’m binging through the episodes (i realized that’s a poor choice of words). I’m on #4 which is funny because I just became a brownie troup leader, ie, cookie time coming up, haha. I’m in Fond du lac, and was so excited to learn you are in Wisconsin. I’m an OB/GYN and struggle like most of your patients. Would love to be able to join a group. I will go to the website above. Thanks for your passion. I look forward to the rest of the podcasts!


    Thank you for creating this podcast. I learned about your podcast from an online physician group. I have been struggling to lose 15 pounds and found myself gaining 5 extra pounds a year as I started getting into my 40’s….I found myself barely eating (and extremely angry and frustrated) and was now 15-20 pounds over the weight I wanted to be. I decided to listen to your podcast because I figured…”what the heck…” I can’t begin to explain the difference your podcast has made in my life…I was in a very angry place…trying to control everything around me…especially my children…I was not present…I was always worrying…never sleeping…frustrated by everything and everyone around me…such a sad place to be…Your podcasts opened my eyes to things about myself I had not looked at in so many years…My entire life I have tried to be perfect at everything I did and how everyone saw me…your podcast of B- work really struck a cord with me…My pursuit of 100% and A+ work was stiffling me…my to-do list never got shorter and I was drowning in papers and chores…never starting or finishing many…Now I have at least begun to tackle these things that I made more important than they really were. I have lost 10 pounds by simply not eating between meals (and reading the Obesity Code-which made so much sense to me) and I am not hungry and am eating the foods that I enjoy. I have stopped obsessing about food and what my next meal will be. It is liberating. I am a much happier person and my relationships have improved as well. I have stopped trying to always be right and instead began to appreciate all of the people around me for who they really are. I have been meditating for 2 1/2 months using Headspace and wow…I can’t believe how peaceful I feel…I am no longer the “always angry mom” my kids feared:( I have backed off from controlling their lives and am simply enjoying the pleasure of watching them evolve into the most amazing people..I am REALLY listening to them, looking into their eyes. I appreciate my husband so much more and feel closer to him than ever before. I am finally present in my life and am eternally grateful that I found this podcast. I was missing out on so much. Please talk more about children and how we can help our children use these techniques. Thank you for all that you do.

  • Lila Duffy

    I have heart disease and had a stent put in in September 2017. Is this an appropriate way to eat for someone like me?

  • Bonnie

    just started listening to your podcasts. i am a busy pediatrcian as well with 2 littles at home. enjoy listening in the car. it’s like you are saying exactly what i am thinking. i was cracking up when you were talking about the drug rep lunches!! “great!, now I already have my lunch made for tomorrow!!”. thanks for adding the humor

  • Rachael

    I just wanted to say thank you for your podcast and especially for providing a transcript. I don’t always have the time to listen to them, but I can usually find the time to read through the transcript. As a woman in her 40’s, weight loss has been somewhat of a struggle for me. I’m hoping to remedy that by implementing the tools you teach on this podcast. Thank you for making them educational, motivational, and entertaining.

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