Ep #37: You’re Making Things Harder Than They Need to Be

Today’s topic is one that everyone struggles with – and it’s often something that goes unnoticed and unchecked. We make things harder on ourselves by allowing our emotional thoughts to determine the outcome of an unfavorable situation. Instead, we need to learn how to focus on the facts and the neutrality of a situation in order to allow the best outcome possible.

This concept is called Math vs. Drama and this episode highlights the many situations where it comes into play. By recognizing these situations and practicing a more rational thought process, we can actually change our lives and the lives of those around us pretty dramatically. Introducing thoughts like, “What if it’s easy?” or “Let’s just see how it turns out,” rather than trying to predict failure or frustration can be a game changer.

Listen To The Episode Here:

In Today’s Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • What the concept “Math vs. Drama” means and how it is applicable to your daily life.
  • How emotional thinking goes unnoticed and how to stop it in its tracks.
  • How to think more mathematically and allow your brain to problem solve for you.
  • Why this is such a big deal in your work life as well as your weight loss journey.
  • How to use this concept to make dieting easy.

Featured In This Episode:

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  • Heather

    This podcast was perfectly timed for me today! I’m heading into the office ready to practice viewing my schedule as a neutral fact and not anything more. Just the math! Thanks again for the great content, tips, tools and hacks.

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