Ep #23: Battling Negativity in Our Daily Lives

It is so easy to fall into a habit of being negative. I’m guilty of it too! Instead of complaining about your family, work, or personal shortcomings, focus on re-orienting your outlook toward positivity.

It can be really hard to reprogram our brains. Negativity often becomes our default because we rely on our old biological hardwiring that can’t differentiate between mortal peril and being late dropping the kids off for school. While it’s alright to worry sometimes, we have to keep it under control.

Whatever you think about the cards you’re dealt, that is your truth. Realizing that those thoughts are a choice is the magic behind injecting more optimism into your daily life.

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In Today’s Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Why we are so quick to take a negative outlook.
  • Examples of habitual negative thoughts that you can break.
  • The deeply embedded cultural influences that act upon us.
  • How doctors walk a narrow line between optimism and mindfulness.
  • The link between negativity and overeating.
  • Building personal awareness around your thoughts.

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