Ep #35: How to Get Out of a Funk

A bad attitude can really weigh you down, keeping you from enjoying your life and being productive. The faster you can beat that funk, the better off you’ll be. On this episode, you will learn two super simple steps that can break you out of your bad mood and into a more positive, productive position.

Realizing that you have power over the thoughts that keep you locked into your funk is one of the key things that will be discussed. It’s also key to learn how to shift your mindset by realizing that everything in life is here to help you in one way or another – negative and positive events alike. Through gratitude and thoughtfulness, you can be funk-free in no time.

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In Today’s Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Reasons why we fall into a funk that can be hard to break free of.
  • How our thoughts affect our funk and the likelihood we’ll get out of it.
  • How to use any situation to your advantage and learn from it.
  • Different ways to use gratitude to break through the clouds in your mind.
  • Why doing thoughtful activities helps you break free from a bad mood.

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  • Elizabeth

    Thank you for this pod cast today. Writing down what I am thankful for is a wonderful exercise…I often think that I am very fortunate but when you write it down it really puts things into perspective. I also tried to change my perspective when it came to exercising. I realized that by calling it “working out” I felt that it was a chore..something that I had to do…by changing it in my head to “me time” I was more motivated and finally exercised today after months of having no desire. Thanks for the tips. I am enjoying your pod casts very much.

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